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We stock a large variety of rock tumblers from Lortone Inc and Raytech Lapidary Equipment. The rock tumblers made by Lortone are a rotary tumbler that set the standard for quality and efficiency. The Lortone rotary tumblers from Lortone Inc tumble shape and polish stone in a 4 stage process. Also, using steel shot, these tumblers can polish silver, bronze or copper metal pieces making them ideal for wire wrapped pendants. We also carry the parts and pieces for repairing these rock tumblers. If within a year, your rock tumbler suffers from a manufacturing default or malfunction, we will service the rock tumbler as under warrantee. The Lortone rotary rock tumbler is well built to service your needs. For further rock tumbler information go to "Tips & Tricks" to learn more.

Rock Tumblers

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