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Ontario's largest supplier of lapidary equipment, rock tumblers and lapidary supplies. For rough rock, mineral specimens and fossils, we have way more in our showroom than we ever could have on our website. If you can't find it on our website, let us know as we may have it in stock. As an operating lapidary, we do a lot of cutting and polishing from small to large, especially in Canadian and Ontario rock.

Online orders must be $25.00 minimum (retail).
Wholesale Orders must be $100.00 minimum.

Rock Shop

Cabochons - Calibrated
213 Products
Cabochons - Freeform Designer
68 Products
Lapidary Equipment
108 Products
Lapidary Supplies
102 Products
Diamond Products & Tools
287 Products
Prospectors Tools
5 Products
Rough Rock
7 Products
Tumbled Stones
31 Products
4 Products
Precious Metals
22 Products
Mineral & Sphere Stands
21 Products
Pewter Settings
46 Products
Ultrasonic Cleaners
2 Products
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