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North America's largest collection of pewter equestrian gifts and jewellery with over 260 pewter items for the horse lover. All of our equestrian products are designed and created in St.George, Ontario Canada. Whether pewter jewellery, picture frames or wine glasses we have these and more. Our pewter represents equestrian disciplines such as dressage, hunter/jumper, polo, reining, roping, standardbred, thoroughbred and more. The best equestrian pewter made in Canada.


"Shooters, Shot Glasses"
22 Products
"Wine, Champagne Glasses"
10 Products
Beer Mugs, Pilsner
29 Products
10 Products
Business Card Holders
11 Products
Christmas Ornaments
26 Products
12 Products
1 Products
Drawer Knobs and Pulls
4 Products
Ice Buckets
2 Products
53 Products
17 Products
Letter Openers
4 Products
Liquor Decanter
2 Products
4 Products
Napkin Rings
1 Products
Picture Frames
18 Products
Sun Catchers
3 Products
5 Products
25 Products
Wall Hooks
6 Products
Wine Stoppers
3 Products
Zipper Pullers
4 Products
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