Robert Hall Parry is one of a few Master Pewtersmiths in Ontario Canada.

Robert Hall Originals has over 3000 hand-crafted lead free pewter designs created in his studio and displayed in his showroom studio in St. George Ontario Canada.

Each piece of lead free pewter starts with an idea, which is sketched out on paper and then sculpted into a detailed clay model. The clay model is baked hard and then it is pressed into a synthetic rubber mold at approximately a ton of pressure and then heated at 350 degrees. Little channels are then cut into the mold so that there are no air bubbles when the pewter is poured into it. Pewter comes shipped in a bar called an ingot. It is then heated to 550 degrees and is then spun throughout a mold, this process is called casting. Once cast, each piece is hand cleaned, tumbled and oxidized to bring the detail forward, then buffed to a satin finish and then hand assembled. Larger pewter pieces are painted with black graphite and buffed to show definition. All of our pewter designs are authentic. They are cast in such themes such as Celtic, Equestrian, Canadiana, Gargoyle and Inukshuk. All are on display in our showroom.

Pewter is a metal alloy composed primarily of tin (98%), small amounts of copper, antimony and silver (2%). Antimony is a silver white metal found in the earth’s crust. It has been known since the days of ancient Egypt and Rome.

Robert Hall Originals is home to the largest worldwide rock collection in Ontario.

Orthoceras are squid like fossils found at the bottom of the ocean and are 400+ million years old.

Ammonite are extinct Marine animals which thrived 400+ million years ago and are related to the squid, octopus.

Petrified Wood is a type of fossil, where organic materials have been replaced by minerals, while still maintaining its original structure.
Amethyst improves concentration and will alleviate migraines.

Apache’s Tears are actually volcanic rock glass, created by the sudden cooling of drops of lava coming into contact with water or ice.

Smokey Quartz is a beneficial stone for those in mourning.